Monday, November 21, 2011

people behind me.


lately, i dont know why, i just miss Malaysia soo much.

i miss the foods. (see, food must be the priority!)

i miss my home.

i  miss my family.

i miss my friends.

i miss my studio life.

i miss everything about Malaysia.

'hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri."- ya, it is totally true!

but, despite the longing things, there are always people behind me that keep supporting me where ever, when ever,what ever situations. they keep be with me on my ups and downs, on my good and bad. thank you guys for always being my strengthen.


thank you mommy, thank you daddy.

sisters and a brother- just a perfect family!

YOU! - :)

coolest friend on earth?-well said!

we shared most of our things in life, thank you aten!

gossip friend? 'karok friend'?-yes he is one of a good friend.

i miss your craziness, peeps!

thank you God, for sending me, for giving me these great people in my life. they are just a perfect gift from You. for anak-anak 7 gemilang, lets break the rules guysssssssssssssssss! there is just 1 semester left!

p/s: courtesy of aten and pai. i stole lots of your pictures from fb. eheee ;p



yantijamal said...

woi!rindu gak la...jgn la cm ne...nk nanges taw!

elynnzainol said...

oitttt ada blog rupanya awak ye!! ok da follow kau. siryes rindu kau! aku da nanges dulu dah. ;p

Auji Nabilah said...

awak dah kat Japan ke elynnnnn?

elynnzainol said...

hey auji aujiiii. yuppp dah 2 bulan dah! tp dah rindu malaysiaaa

syakey said...

sronok adik bradik ramai! ;)

aten shfr said...

aawwhhhh i miss you too baby! hurry back malaysia please weh. rindu lah kau nok! -aten

elynnzainol said...

syakey: yang buat ramai tu anak buah.hihi 3 sisters and a brother :)

aten: kannn kannn kannnnn