Friday, December 2, 2011

the only adik.

Hye all. Salam Jumaat.

How's your week days? i am pretty sure Friday will be the most favorite day on earth, isn't it? so do i :)
ahha and of course laaa I should be happy. it's December guysss! that means, its closer to January  and what is more important than meeting your family and your loved one? :D
okay2 wont say much about that but i keep counting days every single minute for sure. and do you know what i miss the most lately? mommy?daddy? boyfriend? friend? nahhh all wrong. of course parents should be on top but i miss my only younger sister like seriously! ha ha i dont know why.
fyi, i am the second last number in my siblings which means i have only one adik

" kita baru tahu hargai seseorang bila dia jauh daripada kita."- won't you agree with this?
ya, it is hundred percent totally true!

syarmin husna- this entry is dedicated just for you.

she is syarmin.

ermm i never say like this before, NEVERRR but i have to admit that you are a gorgeous pretty girl. (peliknya puji adik sendiri) and among of my siblings, you are the coolest one. but your coolest sometime is killing me!haha .just finished SPM?ohh you are grown up syarmin!

ya, i know we had been argued A LOT before. i am not a good kakak for you, i know it. i always scold you for a simple thing, i always scream at you, get mad with you, too controlling you- just name it. but have you ever think, there is always been a reason for that. you know that i only have one adik and that is my responsibility as a kakak to keep watch on you. only,  i dont want a perfect adik, but i just want you to be a person that can be a shoulder for me, that can share bad things, good things, my up and down. haha sooo serious kan?

raya raya rindu rindu

hey you know what? i miss your tea, and your iced nescafe and and your sambal sumatera! haha you know you are good in that, right? again, you are a grown up girl, you know that? dont just simply think an enjoy life after SPM. but you have a bigggerrrr and a lot lot things to think after this. got it kan? pleasee please take driving license asap and be my driver. okay?

miss being carzy with you

i cant wait to go back Malaysia so that you can treat me a lot of foods. and gossiping, baking cake together, watching movies together and finishing your money together. hihi. eh i miss you lah. i miss to kick you before sleep. :D 




i know you miss me too :)

so sweet kan kakak awak ni? ;p


Ieqa Swetluv said...

eh.. lynn kat mana now ni? study abroad ke?

elynnzainol said...

taklahhh intern je. hokkaido skrg ni.ieka stdy lagi ke dah grad?

TwiggyLiyana said...

awwww i know what you mean! when my only younger sister went to UK to study, i missed her like crazy!

Ayu Na said...

dh mcm twin! hehe :) nice to have lil sister..i dont have any.. sob sob

elynnzainol said...

liyana: kannn. especially when you're alone.:(

ayu na: ohh really? but most benefits goes to the youngest what..?ihihhi ;)

Ayu Na said...

huhu..tak semua benda..but alhamdulillah~ :)

fabula closet said...

Cotton On,Roxy,H&M, Forever21, Abercrombie and Fitch all at AFFORDABLE PRICE!!!!! HAPPY SHOPPING ♥

SapixJauhari said...

haha akak yg suweeet~

syaidatie nurdilla said...

Dua-dua chantek.. @~@

elynnzainol said...

ayu na: :)

sapix: roti canaiii roti canaiii

syaidatie: hukhukk. tu sejenis pujian eh.hehe tq


hehe, n ur lil brother said, "yes u r so sweet mcm bakal gf i nnt"..hihi